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After over three and an half centuries of exile and suppression, Wing Chun finally finds its way home to reunite with its birth place, Shaolin Temple, the sanctuary of, not only Wing Chun but, all Chinese Martial Arts.

Where it all began with its creation and probably not even imagining the journey and developments it may happen. Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute is proud to be part of that journey to contribute to its development that we are seeing it now, and honored to be rewarded and engraved for its effort on the Wing Chun Plaque erected in the very front yard of Shaolin Temple. Shifu Zak has been honored with his name to appear on the plaque in return for his extensive effort and hard work to keep this art in existence and nourish in the same way our ancestors started.

The return of	Wing Chun to Shaolin Temple
The return of Wing Chun to Shaolin Temple 2013


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