International Wing Chun Seminar Serbia 2022

Traditional Wing Chun Seminar in Serbia was international event organized by Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute and Wing Chun schools Yip Man and Shaolin from Serbia. It was a great opportunity to extend learning of traditional Wing Chun from Master Andrew Cheung.

Foundation Of Traditional Chinese Medicine through Neijing Tu

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Neijing Tu – Internal Alchemy Diagram

Neijng Tu is a famous diagram in painting, depicting micro orbit or micro cosmos withing the human body. It depicts Chinese Medicine system of internal energy withing the human body. This fascinating and yet mysterious work is of the unknown exact origin, but it is known that is created on the previous similar works. However, it is a great and comprehensive study of the human body and the  internal energy, or Qi, internal organs, Zang Fu, and its physiological relations.

This seminar covers the principles and foundation of Chinese Medicine and it’s systematic approach, historical development and evolution and the energetic system of Qi circulation throughout the body. Learning will also include specific practical exercises for the Qi circulation with the focus on using Qi for martial arts and Nei Gong (internal) practice. Full the full program for the workshop you can see and download here.

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16th October 2021 @ 12:00

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute “CHUEN” is delighted to announce an OPENING of the NEW SCHOOL BRANCH in Cliffee, Kent, where more traditional Wing Chun and Wudang Tai Ji Quan classes will be available. With a stunning overview on the Eternal Lake and its natural beauty it makes this place special for meditation, martial arts and a pursue to the inner perception of self-awareness. 

Come and join us for this great event at this serene place in the heart of Kent and discover more about the Institute classes and activities.