Shifu Zak Zivanovic

(Head Instructor)

With over three decades of experience and training in traditional Chinese martial arts and medicine, Shifu Zak Zivanovic is the head instructor of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute “CHUEN” in the UK. Highly motivated and dedicated to his craft, Zak Zivanovic is an enthusiastic representative of Chinese culture, tradition, values, and their expression through the martial arts.

He began his training as a direct disciple of Grandmaster William Cheung, the famous instructor of the well-known Bruce Lee and successor of the legendary Grandmaster Ip Man. Shifu Zak’s passion has led him to travel the world to better understand and refine his craft and, even now, he regularly arranges Academy tours to China and other academies around the world to give his students an opportunity for further advanced training. Shifu’s loyalty and trustworthy dedication to Wing Chun and education from Grandmaster William Cheung he was honored to be placed as the 9th generation (Picture, below) of the direct line of Traditional Wing Chun family. He continued practice in both authentic traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and Wudang Tai Ji Quan, Shifu Zak is considered one of the most experienced and senior instructors of traditional Wing Chun in the world. He regularly conducts international workshops and seminars across the globe and is held in high regard by the international martial arts community.