Wing Chun Syllabus



As mentined earlier, due to current circumstances and a tyrany of the rulling government led by Manchus, a new martial art style in China had to be created, “Wing Chun”. This new style had to be effective, easy to learn within short period of time, and certainly to be superior to all other martial arts that existed at the time. Although it may sound imposible “Easy and Superior”, Wing Chun turned out to be exactly what was sought. The complete Wing Chun system was created on simplicity, practicality and effectivness. Every aspect and every movement was carefully studied and eventually compiled into a system that comprises of the following components:


  • Shill Lim Tao – Form of the little thought
  • Chum Kill – Bridging hand
  • Biu Jee – Thrusting fingers
  • Muk Yan Jong – Wooden Dummy Forms

Other studies:

  • Qi Gong
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Strategy and tactics of war