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  Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Seminar  

Shifu Zak & Dr Jon - Joined Seminar

Two great martial arts come together for one day only to teach at one of the UK’s most interesting historic energy vortexes (what is that I hear you think!? – well come and feel it yourself!).

Join us for this historic one day only event on 13th July 10-4pm at Coldrum Longbarrow in Kent. This will be an outdoor event (but should weather be prohibitive, we will have the option to change location to the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute Kent branch).

The day will focus on both teachers covers several aspects of internal and external martial arts, fighting IQ, awareness and practical applications.

Both Jon and Zak are truly passionate, exceptional examples of martial artists who have taken very different paths and have a huge amount of experience and knowledge to impart.

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Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Institute “CHUEN”

Beechcroft farm Industries,

Unit 2B, Chaappel Wood Road

New Ash Green  TN15 7HX