Biluochun Tea




Comes from mount Dongting of Wu county in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. It’s very special feature of having luscious fragrance, at one point the locals once called it “Frightening Fragrance”. Its leaves are silvery green in color which gives bright yellowish green tea water. Bi Luo Chun leaves look verdant and like a trumpet shell, with fine and dense flosses around the circumference. Once the leaves are soaked in the water they sink and unfold after absorbing the water. Leaves’ white hairs can be vividly observed like snow flying in the wind. It is said that, due to its resemblance to Luo (snail) and its Bi (green) color, the tea was named Bi Luo Chun by emperor Kangxi in the Qing dynasty when he came to drink the tea during an imperial inspection tour of the south. Another important characteristic of this tea that should be noted is that it contains very little caffeine, which is not common for the green tea family. It is even lower in caffeine for over ten percent then the coffee and therefore lately has been very popular and in demand.