Pu’er Yunnan Tea


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Certainly, one of the most respected and precious teas, with the most health benefits, the most difficult to make and yet kept in secret of its production. Pu’er tea is made of the same plant, “Camellia Sinensis”, as Green and Oolong tea, which is characterized by its making process including both, fermentation, and extensive maturity or “Ageing”. A fascinating aspect about Pu’er tea is that “The longer it is preserved, the better quality it is”. On that note, scientists discovered a close relation between generated bacteria during this “Ageing” process, has extraordinary benefits for human health and wellbeing. Pu’er tea contains certain amount of caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system, heart, and muscles. It is also very rich in antioxidants which benefits the heart and blood vessels. Where it gets more interesting is, that using Pu’er tea a research found a significant reduction of cholesterol in the blood, as it contains chemical substance called Lovastatin, which reduces blood fats Triglycerides. In addition, Pu’er tea also increase production of “High Density Lipoproteins”, having responsibilities for transportation of fat in the body. Therefore, it is explained relation between Pu’er tea and benefits for weight loss, improving digestion, mental alertness, and focus. Observing the benefits of Pu’er tea it does not come as surprise to be called “Longevity Tea”. Even, the great Russian writer Lav Tolstoy mentioned magical tea leaves in his famous book “War and Peace”. Pu’er Tea is made in a shape of a cake and it is preserved for many years before it is ready for use. Normally the shortest time before it is ready to be used is after ten years of preservation, and the older it is the more precious is. Considering the process of fermentation and time, it must be brought to attention, importance of making Pu’er tea. It is always brewed in three rounds of boiled water. The first round is to wash tea leaves and that water is not for use. The second round is to soften dry tea leaves and release its minerals. Finally, the third-round water is to absorb its precious elements and to be ready for drinking. The best time to drink Pu’er tea is one hour after a meal, to remove fats and grease from the Stomach.