Yunnan Black Tea




Dian Hong or “Yunnan Red”, is a black tea that is used as a relatively high end gourmet drink. In contrast to other teas, this reddish brown colored tea is compressed into a cake shape and split into small pieces. This old traditional was processing tea dates back during Han dynasty yet, when tea was compressed into a cake form to be preserved over a long period, due to slow and long transportation. We can find similar resemblance in latter production and discovery of Pu’er tea. Although Dian Hong tea is regarded as low grade tea as it contains only few golden buds, it is very popular for everyday use. It grows in Southern and South-West parts of Yunnan province, at altitudes of over thousand meters above the sea level. The soil is very fertile and the climate is warm throughout the whole year, around 22°C. These growing conditions make a perfect place for Yunnan black tea. Dian Hong tea is best brewed with a porcelain gaiwan or yixing tea ware, using a boiled water at 90°C, and it is suitable for multiple infusions.