Wenshan Baozhong Tea




Wenshan Pouchong, also known as Baozhong tea is one of the ten most popular teas, originating in Taiwan. It has been produced since 1885 in Taiwan. The name “Baozhong” in Chinese means “The Wrapped Kind”, which refers to a practice of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying process, which has been discontinued due to advancement in tea processing. Unlike other ball-like oolong teas, Pouchong tea is processed and rolled into rope-like form. It also has the greenest color of all oolong teas. It creates a balance of green tea freshness and floral fragrance of darker oolongs. What is interesting for Wenshan Pouchong tea is, that in contrast to all other Oolong teas, this one is moderately fermented and normally not roasted which in turn becomes very lightly oxidized.